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Factors to Consider When Buying a Sugar Glider Cage

 Sugar gliders are known as some of the best pets and owning one can be a rewarding experience. Once you decide to get a sugar glider for a pet, the first thing you should do is get a cage for your new friend. Having a cage for your new friend to live in will give you an easy time in caring for them. Choosing the best sugar glider cage however is not always as easy as it sounds especially if you are new to this. Lucky for you, this article will be discussing how to choose the best cage for your sugar glider. Continue reading to learn the factors you should consider when buying a cage for your sugar glider.  find out more

Before you buy a sugar glider cage the first thing to look at is the manufacturing material. These cages are often manufactured from a variety of materials some with coatings and others without. This consideration is very important if you have a baby sugar glider because their toes and fingers are delicate and can be extremely damaged by the cage. Therefore, ensure the cage you are buying is made from a non-toxic material for the safety of your sugar glider. You need to consider the height of the sugar glider cage before buying. These pets are known for climbing and jumping and they should have enough space to do so. Because of the climbing and jumping nature of sugar gliders, ensure the cage you are buying has a vertical height of at least three feet. Additionally, you should inspect the coating material on the sugar glider cage before investing your hard-earned money.  View

A good sugar glider cage should have a high-quality PV quality because it doesn’t come out as fast as epoxy coating. Cages with epoxy coating have been known to result in zinc poisoning because they wear off fast. Consider the safety features of the sugar glider cage you want to buy; this is important because you will be dealing with a very intelligent pet that can figure out how to open the cage. Therefore, find a cage with secure lock or latch that you are sure they can’t open. Also consider the size of the cage you are buying for your sugar glider. The cage you are buying should have enough space vertically and horizontally for comfortable accommodation of your pet. These are the factors to consider when choosing a sugar glider cage.

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